Born in Algiers from a family of jewelers, Faiza will be rocked all her childhood by the stories of her ancestors. As much inspired by resistance and combat as by magic and romance. The women of Faiza’s family teach her elegance and refinement but also and especially the art of crossing the trenches.

This clever cocktail maked her as an entrepreneur who loves to lead projects as bold as artistic.

After studying business in Nice (France) at EDHEC Business School, in 2001 Faiza ANTRI BOUZAR joined the family business: Bijouteries Joailleries ANTRI BOUZAR.

For several years, she worked on different positions, ranging from production to communication and management.

For several years she will occupy different positions, ranging from production to communication and management.

Thanks to this acquired experience, she forged herself a personality and a very particular and original professional profile. A managerial capacity combining mastery of arts and crafts.

According to her, manual trades are not at odds with the brain professions.

Thus being at the head of a team of craftsmen jewelers for several years was a real challenge in an environment usually exclusively dedicated to men.

There, everything acquired a sense, she understood the inestimable value of manual work, its fragility and the risks of its imminent loss.

During these years of training, she learned the Job, its wheels and its secrets ….

“Creation” begins to integrate its spirit, she now seeing herself innovating and inventing new concepts.

2009 was the year of revelation. Overnight, she decided that her career will turn 180 degrees. Now she will create clothes for her happiness and that of her clients.

At first, she decided to reinvent the KARAKOU, the traditional clothe from Algiers, a jacket worn by her grandmothers in past centuries. But the more years pass, as she fulfills the challenge of producing a collection a year, her creations are oriented and open to the world, to others. Why self-close, self-limit!

Algerian history is a boundless whole, where Berbers and Arabs, Viking and Ottoman, Latin and Moorish rub shoulders. People can not stop her from tapping into this rich and diverse past. She is first Algerian, but also, Maghreb, Mediterranean, African, Berber, Arab, Muslim, Ottoman, European and ancient … .. Faiza feels all that ….

Every year since 2009, she has been working to create, innovate and enhance Algerian outfits. It is from 2014 that its collections are experiencing their greatest success.

2014 with her collection HAPPY GLAMOR, she wants to PUSH women to feel happy and beautiful in their body whatever it is. Instead of trying to smooth feminine forms, she incenses them, suggests them and underlines them.

HAPPY GLAMOR Collection - 2014

2016 will be the year of his forty years. Without any complex, she claims it and emphasizes the importance of the woman in the Algerian society. She creates a collection paying tribute to mothers, and grandmothers who transmit, teach, encourage and fight for their daughters, emancipate themselves and free themselves … ..that they have what they did not have the chance having …. from one era to another they convey messages of hope and freedom. This collection will earn her great accolades, that of participating in Ramadhaniyate Beirut in June 2016 in Lebanon. She participated also in Philadelphia Fashion Week in the United States in September 2016.

In 2015 she lets herself be carried by the Arab-Muslim poetry of Andalusia in Konya (Anatolia). His daring Hispanic-Ottoman collection pays homage to IBN ARABI and JALLALUDINE RUMI. The fashion Show of June 2015 in collaboration with The Spanish Embassy will be a pride. The one in collaboration with the Algerian Agency for the Radiance Culture had a unique symbolic, because it will take place in a house three times centenary “Dar Abdelatif”. Thus this collection will make her cross the oceans: Fashion show in Montreal in Canada with the Club Avenir Foundation in March 2016.

Fashion Show at Dar Abdelatif with the Algerian Agency for Cultural Radiace. October 2015

Fashion Show "Ramadhaniyate Beyrouthi" , Lebanon on June 2016

In 2017, a new original and theatrical collection is being prepared. Addressing once again the theme of intertwined cultures, attraction between East and West. The mask will fall and reveal the secrets of this mystery.

Wild optimist … She keeps the hope and the crazy dream to see the world pacified, where all cultures would mix and meet with respect and joy. A world where the human being will feel free, where he would be free to travel and create according to his own will.

His favorite quote will be borrowed from Stéphane Hessel:

To create is to resist. To resist is to create.

So let’s create, resist and LIVE.

Fashion Show at Philadelphia Fashion Week - United States, September 2016